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The Black Lives Matter Global Network (BLMGN) is the umbrella organization that was set up as a nonprofit to rake in all that sweet, sweet corporate blackmail cash. Local BLM chapters are supposed to be under the authority of the BLMGN, and in turn, the BLMGN is supposed to have the bigwigs who do all of the planning, campaigning, and shaking down of corporations.

Since it was first formed during Barack Obama’s time in office, BLMGN has really been a small-potatoes organization. It was only taking in cash in the low millions range for its first few years. But not this year! Ever since George Floyd death, BLMGN has raked in somewhere close to $2 billion from virtue signaling corporations.

But now all of the local BLM chapters across the country are a bit miffed. They want to know where all that sweet corporate cash went to, and why they haven’t seen any of it. The three women who founded BLMGN are not answering any of those questions.


That is soooo CUTE! Of course, most of us who know what actual Marxism is like understand exactly where the money went. The three ladies who founded BLMGN are living their best Oprah lives now. Probably on private yachts somewhere.

But for the local BLM chapters, this is obviously their first brush with true Marxism. If they had ever bothered to read “Animal Farm” by George Orwell, they’d know that the pigs get to eat all of the good food and sleep in fluffy beds inside the house, while the worker animals have to stay outside the house.

Sure, the local BLM chapters across the country did all the hard work. They went out and rioted and looted and burned down stores and wrecked statues and people’s lives. But that was only possible because of all the hard work and thinking that the boss pigs inside the house did. See? All black lives are equal, but some black lives are more equal than others.

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