General Introduction to BIBLICAL ARCHEOLOGY

The Democratic Party’s far-left socialists have long accepted the Arab assertion that Jews have little long-term association with the Land of Israel. This was strongly reinforced, first, by the belief that the five books of Moses had little basis in fact and second, that the modern world has science and thus has little need of God as explanation for all that is still not understood. Curiously, as the socialists increasingly assert these arguments more vocally in more places in our educational system, there are opposite trends being heard more often. First, Israel archaeology is finding more and more evidence for the relevance and historicity of the Bible. And more scientists are asserting both that science and religion are not necessarily contradictory As an example, it is now possible to assert that intelligent design and evolution by small incremental and possibly random steps both had roles to play. There is also recognition of the mathematician Kurt Godel’s dictum that any system of logic, e.g., math or science in general, doesn’t operate outside its sphere, therefore it has nothing to say about religion. Belief in religion or non-belief are both outside its ken. See for example the video featuring the mathematician Stephen Meyer on religion at See also and This section comprises articles on archeological finds that underscore that the Jews own the Land of the Jews and have for a very long time. The so-called Palestinians are the local Arabs from various Arab countries, most of whose ancestors came into what is now Israel after 1900. Yasir Arafat declared them to be the ancient Palestinians in 1964. Membership was redefined in 1968 when the Arabs living in Judea and Samaria also became Palestinians. It does make the notion that Palestinians are an authentic group sound rather silly, doesn’t it? Here are some unusual videos of Jerusalem: (1) – Jerusalem when it was divided during the 19 years starting in 1948 when Jordan invaded and grabbed a part of Jerusalem as well as Samaria and Judea. (2) – original photographs from 1853 on (3) – Leah Rosenberg, 1913 -The Oldest Video Footage Of Jerusalem You Will Ever See. (4) – Jerusalem from 1920 TO 1939. (5) – Spielberg Jewish Film Archive: The White City (6) – The Spielberg Jewish Film Archive – The Land of Promise, 1935 [END OF BIBLICAL ARCHEOLOGY SECTION]