by Joshua Washington, October 20, 2020

Communist fist juxtaposed to BLM fist

I previously wrote an article about the Jew-hatred within the Black Lives Matter Movement.[1] Even more previously, I wrote an article denoting the historical precedence for black groups allying with the Palestinian agenda.[2] This article will show that Black Lives Matter is actually not good for the black community, and that the vast majority of the community does not support the tenets of the movement.

This is not about the notion that black lives matter. Virtually everybody supports the phrase ‘black lives matter,’ because they do. This is not the topic in question, and those who try to make it so are engaging in straw man arguments. Let us lay to rest that the question of black lives mattering is not, nor has ever been in play. This is about the movement, and the organization it is attached to, the Movement for Black Lives, and the negative effects it has had on the black community.

According to the Gallup Center on Black Voices,[3] 81% of black Americans either want to retain police presence, or want more. Only 19% of black Americans want less police presence. That statistic is very interesting considering polls from the same source show that only 19% of black people have confidence in the police. One fairly obvious way those two seemingly disparate statistics are actually congruent with each other is that in many cities, including my hometown of Stockton, California, one of our biggest complaints about the police is that they don’t come fast enough when called; that sometimes, police don’t show up for up to two hours, if they show up at all. In my city, that has a lot to do with the fact that our police officers were reduced by a third in 2010, after a former mayor cut $14 million from the department. The reduction was felt across the city as crime drastically increased in the subsequent years and Stockton set new records for most homicides[4] in 2011, and 2012. When the cuts were made, it was so dire that Stockton PD officers had to reluctantly let the city know that they could no longer guarantee our safety.[5] This was true for many cities struggling with crime within those few years, particularly Detroit, MI.[6] Budgets were cut, and the crime increased. Among the lack of confidence in the police department by a majority of black people, there is a significant number of those who do so because of the lack of police presence. Like many in my city expressed, we lacked confidence, not in their ability to do their job correctly, but in their ability to show up.

Another position BLM takes is to end all charter schools.[7] This has been a position BLM along with other notable groups have officially taken since 2016, despite mounting evidence that the majority of black and brown families support charter schools and favor them over their local public schools. The vast majority of black and Hispanic American parents are pro-school choice,[8] as many know that being able to choose the kind of education their child receives may give their child a better chance of performing well. In California, 75% of black boys in the public school system cannot read at grade level. These staggering statistics stretch across the country, and parents see the need for having the freedom to choose a better way for their kids. Ending charter schools would not only do nothing to help minority communities, it will hurt them. If anything, BLM is much more aligned with white democrats[9] than they are with black people.

The alignment does not end with white democrats. BLM and M4BL founder, Patrisse Cullors admits[10] in an interview that she and her two co-founder colleagues are “trained Marxists.” Because of this admission, BLM’s official positions should be viewed through that broader lens. Researcher and business analyst Lipton Matthews breaks down in an op-ed[11] why BLM’s opposition to both capitalism and the nuclear family[12] is incredibly problematic and contrary to the core values of the broader black community, as is Marxism itself. M4BL writes:

“We disrupt the Western-prescribed nuclear family structure requirement by supporting each other as extended families and villages that collectively care for one another, especially our children, to the degree that mothers, parents, and children are comfortable.”

Matthews responds in the op-ed:

“Those unfamiliar with Marxism may be puzzled at this seemingly random opposition to the nuclear family. Deeper introspection, however, reveals that the BLM organization’s outlook is quite consistent with Marxism.”

“Marxists view the living arrangement of the ‘extended family’ as more conducive to fostering collectivism, since it requires conformity to successfully facilitate production. On the other hand, the traditional, two-parent nuclear family is depicted as an insidious invention of capitalism, responsible for displacing the communalism of the extended family.”

For the uninitiated, Marxism is Communism, and it is a system in which the government owns all property and distributes as it sees fit. It is a system that has proven to fail time and time again,[13] yet proponents of it continue to infiltrate free societies to romanticize and promote it. The millions of people who have fled communist regimes[14] have much wisdom to offer those of us who think the teachings of Karl Marx are a good thing, but unfortunately, their voices[15] are not elevated like the ones preaching it to the masses. Marxism tends to dress itself in words like “freedom,” “liberation,” or “revolution” to attract young minds. The bitter irony is that Marxism is literally the opposite of those words.

A fairly recent example is in South Africa. A self-proclaimed Marxist party called the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) took advantage of a tense situation in the country. As South Africa was embroiled in fights and bloody exchanges over the issue of land expropriation, leaders in the EFF were preaching liberation for black South Africans. They urged blacks to rise up and take back land that many of their ancestors lost to white settlers. The EFF’s solution? To seize all land in South Africa in order to “distribute” to blacks everywhere (page 28 of their manifesto).[16] The glaring issue with this position, beside the fact that it is divisive and dangerous, is that not all land is owned by whites. AmaZulu King Goodwill Zwelithini in particular had choice words[17] for the proposal. Whether or not the Zulu king knows the historical precedence for the EFF’s communist-style takeover proposal, everyone would be advised to know that the method has never once yielded favorable results except to the leaders who force it on their people. Yes, Communists regimes have killed tens of millions of people just in the past 100 years through government sanctioned mass killings alone. Anyone seen as a threat to the Marxist-Communist way of life is summarily executed. These killings usually start with the religious institutions as they teach faith in and allegiance to a higher power as opposed to the state or supreme leader.

This is what communism is; a conduit for which corrupt leaders can have complete power and keep their feet on the necks of the people. It is this doctrine in which BLM leaders say they are “trained.” When BLM founder Patrisse Cullors says they are “laying the foundation for a new society,” she may think it will be a society where she and other black people will be at the helm, but she, and many like her fit the description of the useful idiot; a person promoting a particular cause that has goals for which they are unaware. By the time they are aware, according to defected KGB informant, Yuri Bezmenov,[18] those are the people who are first lined up and shot when communism has fully taken its place in a society.

Witchcraft[19] is another aspect of Black Lives Matter; invoking spirits[20] of dead civil rights leaders and other black people killed. This comes from the leadership of BLM who admit to ancient African and Eastern pagan rituals of conjuring up spirits and praying to certain pagan gods. This aspect of BLM may not mean much to non-Christian blacks, but as of 2020, 79% of black Americans identify as Christian, and the bible prohibits witchcraft.[21] Yes, the bible very clearly speaks against the occult; yet the messages of BLM seem to have made its way into many mainstream churches—black and otherwise.

Two of the most important reasons why BLM has made its way into churches:

    • Many mainstream churches have embraced liberation theology,[22] which is an anti-biblical movement that makes Jesus into a radical political revolutionary seeking to overthrow the rich rather than G-d incarnate who came to save humanity from eternal death.
    • Mainstream churches are unaware of the witchcraft that underlies BLM.

    To the second point, if more black churches knew about this, many of them would, at minimum, quickly make a distinction between them supporting the phrase and the movement, and denounce the movement as a satanic, communist movement painted in black face to gain black support. Many black churches do a lot of good for their communities, so the question, “what can we do if we can’t support BLM?” is easily answered by black pastors and ministers across the country.

Again, this is not a discussion about whether or not black lives matter; that discussion tends to be a binary distraction from the deeper threat that BLM poses to the black community. But one does not have to take my word for it; get off social media and go to a black church. Step into a low income black neighborhood. Go to a barbershop. Ask people how they feel about the issues raised here. I guarantee you the answers you will receive will be much more disparate than the leadership of BLM would have you think.

When Cullors claims that she and her colleagues are trained Marxists, the question that should be asked is “trained by whom?” Who is it that is teaching these tried and failed doctrines to black American leaders? And even more importantly than who, why is this happening?

Since the 1960s, there have been successful attempts to destabilize the black community. Ironically, this was not achieved through slavery or Jim Crow, as black communities stayed intact even more so because of those horrors inflicted on us. No, this was achieved through making us dependent on the US government. When school integration was being discussed and debated at length in the 1940s and 1950s, one of the concerns black people had with it was that “integration” would really mean that black students would go to white schools, be taught by white teachers, and would not learn about their own history as they had been for decades at that point mostly thanks to Booker T. Washington and Julius Rosenwald.[23] Those concerns became a reality, as that is exactly what happened in 1954 in the Brown v. Board of Education case. When segregation was deemed unconstitutional, the black schools were closed down, abandoned, and many were demolished, and black kids joined the white schools to make them integrated. Furthermore, black teachers lost their jobs as the white schools kept their teaching staff. I am not making a case for segregation. One would have to inquire, however, as to why it seems black people were the only ones who had to make real concessions.

Nonetheless, what started out as a movement for black Americans to be treated as equals turned into the destruction of black self-determination and joining us to an educational system that is now teaching the very Marxist principles[24] many of us reject. Black Lives Matter as an organization is just another iteration of that destruction; the only difference is that the Marxist agenda has garnered support from well-meaning, albeit misguided black leaders. In fact, many of the protests that have turned into riots have targeted black owned businesses[25] and black business districts.[26] Some black business[27] owners have spoken up[28] about what they see as an effort that further hampers our community.

Some have argued that the rioting and looting is being done by Antifa[29] rioters and other privileged white kids who usually are not even from the places where they are rioting. In some cases, that is true.[30] It is even true that in those places, black people are trying to stop the Antifa rioters from destroying property. However, it is also true that some of the rioting is being done by BLM rioters. And other than the ones trying to stop white rioters, none of the rioting is being roundly condemned, but encouraged by onlookers and social justice warriors who claim that “it’s just property,” “they have insurance,” or “Martin Luther King said that ‘a riot is the language of the unheard.'” By the way, though that last statement is true, what many conveniently leave out is that in the same speech, just a paragraph up, Dr. King said that “riots are socially destructive and self-defeating,” and that he would continue to condemn them. He understood why riots were happening, and sought to get his white brothers and sisters to understand, but he in no way condoned or excused it. King knew that among many things, riots would set us back.

That is exactly what any social justice movement will do to us so long as they use Marxism and Communism as their guiding principles: they will set us back. Black Lives Matter is a loud minority, and it is time for the quiet majority to speak out. It is the only way that we can move forward.
































Joshua Washington is the Director of the Institute for Black Solidarity with Israel (IBSI) where he plans events and speaks. He is a graduate of CUFI’s 2016 Diversity Outreach Mentoring Endeavor (DOME), where he received training in Israel advocacy for diverse audiences. He is also a featured author on a collaborative book called ‘Israelophobia and the West: The Hijacking of Civil Discourse on Israel and How to Rescue It’ by Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs (JCPA) Dan Diker.

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