By Joshua Klein, May 31, 2021

It isn’t really new news but it does show amazing gall that the media have portrayed Palestinian Arab aggressions against the Jewish State as all Israel’s fault. A sustained job of blaming the victim. Joshua Klein (here) writes of Caroline Glick’s anger at “congressional leftists and the left-inclined media for a recent wave of violent attacks against Jews, accusing the left wing and its lawmakers of hating the Jewish state and having ‘the blood of Jews’ on their hands, while blaming the media for ‘transforming America into an antisemitic state.’ “‘It’s pretty amazing that Hamas, a terrorist organization, attacked Israel with over 4,300 rockets and missiles and mortars in the space of 11 days,’ she said, adding that ‘Israel did not provoke Hamas at all.'” Glick is quite accurate. It is remarkable that the most of the global press have been able to portray Israel as starting the hostilities and perpetuating them. Standing firmly on this rock of balderdash, such epitomes of fairness as the U.N. Human Rights Council and “all of the bleeding hearts on all of the major networks in the United States …hate the Jewish State and .. blame it for the aggression that’s being perpetrated against it.”

AUTHOR: Joshua Klein is a journalist and an investigative reporter for Breitbart News, focusing on global politics.

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