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THINK-ISRAEL features essays and commentaries that provide context for current events in Israel. The war Islam is waging against Israel and the West is top priority. We report on global anti-Semitism, Islamism and creeping Sharia. We aim to make sense of what's going on.  

By 1920 the Ottoman Empire

“By 1920 the Ottoman Empire had exercised undisputed sovereignty over Palestine for 400 years. In Article 95 of the treaty of Sevres, that sovereignty was transferred to England in trust for a national homeland for the...

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Two Imperatives

Two Imperatives: “To ensure its long term survivability as the Jewish nation-state, Israel has to deal effectively with two imperatives: The Geographic and the Demographic. The first imperative calls for Israeli control...

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January-December 2020

What we are talking about in the January–December 2020 Issue

  1. This Issue (Lipkin)
  2. From Slavery To Anti-Semitism (Davis, McManus, Kadie, Mass-Resistance, Brigham, Durden, Salzman, Patriotic Viral News, Washington, Tobin, Miller)
  3. International Criminal Court (ICC) (Kemp, Franklin, Gilboa, Klein, Hirsch, Baker, Calvo, Kredo, Bigman, Sobel, Schueftan)
  4. San Remo And The Palestine Mandate (Jewish Virtual Library, Zuckerbrot, Adler, Wurmser, Fleisher, Kontorovich, Grief)
  5. Sovereignty, Annexation And International Law (Bard, Sherman, Greenfield, Rosenthal, Leiter, Calvo, Breitbart, Matar, MacEoin, Hacohen)
  6. Land Theft In Area C  (Regavim, Dann, Greenstein, Black, Kahn, Rudee, Avivi, Eliraz, Lazaroff, Berkowitz)
  7. Israel's Judiciary (Bob, Dershowitz, Arutz Sheva Staff, Abelow, Sherman)
  8. Population Exchange (Lipkin, Sherman, Shamrak, Lipkin&Lipkin, Kedar, Shapiro)
  9. History Section (Spero, Bulut, Ibrahim, Avdaliani, Sherman, Kern, Cook&McKnight, Israel)



Editor's Note:

Think-Israel tends to use salafist rather than extremist or Islamist or militant or fundamentalist or activist to describe generically a pious Muslim, one who sticks as closely as possible to the unfiltered words and actions of Mohammad and the first three generations of Muslims, including, especially, the Companions of the Prophet. In modeling himself as closely as he can on the preachings and practices of Mohammad, a salafist can in modern terms be precisely described as an uninhibited terrorist, a theological supersessionist, a political supremacist who believes Islam and sharia law must dominate and a social barbarian, who wages jihad with whatever tools are available. Thanks to the high quality of whitewash supplied by sympathetic propagandists, he seldom is so described.


We devote this issue to several entities that are swelling Jew-hatred by word and by deed. We focus on the Black Liberation Movement (BLM), a major source of Jew Hate. BLM may tout itself as an organization to improve the position of the blacks in our society, but it spends much more time and money lambasting Judaism and its proxy Israel. The International Criminal Court (ICC) is another institution with a noble-sounding name and activities that are less than reputable.

The other major area of discussion is the false notion that a non-people, the Palestinians, have owned Samaria and Judea and some of the eastern part of Jerusalem since ... well the story changes but it always a long time ago. Therefore, according to this lie, the Jews are occupying Arab land. Jews are certainly occupying these territories, just as you occupy your own home.

Starting after the mid 1880s, the Jews returned to their land in strength and restored the magnificence of a land that had fallen into ruin and squalor. But they have been living there from time immemorial one way or another. Jordan in 1948 invaded the new modern state of Israel and grabbed a part of the Jewish land, kicking out or killing each and every Jew who was living in Samaria and Judea and some of eastern Jerusalem and destroying the synagogues. It was not until 1967, when Jordan again invaded Israel, that Israel was able to take back this land and Jews again settled in Samaria, Judea and the eastern part of Jerusalem.

Aside from the Torah, history and the obvious eternal symbiosis of the Jew and his land, it is also the case that the land is legally Jewish and so said each and every member of the League of Nations in 1922, when they created an irrevocable trust for the Jews as owners of their historic land. The decree with its full power was passed on to the United Nations.

Rather than being satisfied that the Jews only have some tenth of one percent of the land area and the Arabs and other Muslims control all the rest of the Middle East that was lost by the Ottoman Empire in World War 1, too many Arabs spend their time thinking out better ways to slaughter Jews and destroy the Jewish state. Some of the articles discuss ways to stop the Arabs from distracting the Jews from making more major accomplishments by continuing to make the Jews miserable.

These articles also contribute information to a topic that is known but not widely circulated, namely, that while the Israeli administration allows little actual Jewish growth in the Territories and prattles on about changing from a military to a civil governance, the Arabs are busily engaged in stealing Jewish state land. That is why Bezalel Smotrich declared, in a statement that is hard for most of us to accept but is likely an accurate assessment, "It's either or. Either the settlements have a future, or the Palestinian state does — but not both." here.

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Based on the assumption that slavery was mostly in the western hemisphere or on the arrogant assumption that slavery only counts in the western hemisphere, the ignorant Left spends time seeking retribution for the putative descendants of the slaves in the USA, a task almost impossible to do fairly, given the tangled genetics of the black community and the unreasonableness of inflicting a tax on whites whose ancestors were in Europe and Asia during the slave years, many living in worse conditions that the slaves in the USA.

The first articles below trace the history of slavery from about the time blacks were shipped from Africa to Europe and then America. Most of the emphasis is on the current organization, Black Lives Matter (BLM).

While chapters of the BLM network destroy both black and white communities, ruining property and committing vandalism across the country, universities and large companies are so intimidated, they declare admiration for its activities which are said to better the lives of blacks and pour tons of money into its treasury. The media blandly accept what BLM says its mission is, i.e., to protest brutality against blacks by society in general and police specifically, while ignoring how the organization actually operates. No matter how much damage is done, how many lives are lost, how many businesses are destroyed, the main stream media back up BLM claims. Commentators, their backs to burning buildings and rioters swinging bats, calmly say into the microphone, "This was mostly a peaceful demonstration." This is a lie but it is a sustained and repeated lie.

In addition to these articles, we urge you to read Ricki Hollander's monograph, "The BLM Movement and Antisemitism", which is to be found here. It is an excellent analysis of BLM's early embrace of anti-Israel Palestinian Arabs. It contains detailed portraits of some leading actors in the movement. It is a painfully accurate assessment of the Jewish organizations that ignore BLM's antipathy to Jews in their anxiety to protect that organization from criticism. They are so driven to defend BLM, they have exaggerated to the point of absurdity the supposed differences in attitude and rhetoric between the core and some of its partner organizations and chapters, ignoring BLM's slippery ways of ducking the issue of their bigotry. (Note that Joshua Washington deals with this point in an article below.) In sum, Hollander paints an accurate picture of BLM, stripped of the fluff often to be found in articles on BLM.


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Issue 2020