DEIR YASSIN: THERE WAS NO MASSACRE by Eliezer Tauber, May 28, 2018

Eliezer Tauber writes, “Deir Yassin is one of the founding myths of the Palestinian narrative, according to which Israelis murdered 254 people, committed rapes, and other gender-oriented atrocities in a peaceful 1948 Palestinian village.” In reality, as Tauber concludes from the very similar testimonies of those actually there, both Jewish attackers and Arab survivors, there was no massacre. Ironically, the massacre myth, created and promoted by the Arab leadership, boomeranged. Fear of a revengeful Israel helped swell the massive exodus of Arabs from the new state of Israel, thus, as Tauber writes, “creating the refugee crisis and fueling propaganda against Israel, which has shaped the world’s understanding of the affair to this day.” AUTHOR: From Times of Israel, “Professor Eliezer Tauber, a former dean in Bar-Ilan University, Israel, is an expert on the emergence of Arab nationalism, the formation of the Arab states, and the early phases of the Arab-Israeli conflict. He has published extensively on these topics.”

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