By Pesach Benson, November 7, 2021

This is an important article in that it shows how terror groups such as the Muslim Brotherhood have ‘charities’ and ‘do good works’ to which they can point, while using the bulk of their money to support terrorists. As Abdurrahman Bin Subaih Al Suwaidi, a UAE national and the Brotherhood’s one-time director of funding, describes Hamas’ use of this technique, “Hamas says the money is for one thing, but [they] use it for something else. It’s the conflict between what Hamas talks and how Hamas walks.” Al Suwaidi told London’s Jewish Chronicle that ‘millions of dirhams’ (one million UAE dirhams is approximately $270,000) were given to charitable organizations, including Hamas.” Note that “the Hamas charter identifies itself as a branch of the Muslim Brotherhood. The charter quotes Muslim Brotherhood founder Hassan Al-Bana on Islam’s imperative to ‘obliterate’ Israel.” Al Suwaidi’s disclosures about Hamas funding has triggered calls for the British government to take further measures against illicit terror funding.” But, as Pesach Benson writes of the cagey way the Brotherhood supports Hamas, “To Israel’s chagrin, Britain currently bans the Hamas ‘military wing’ but not its ‘political wing,’ making it difficult for authorities to move against Hamas financing. European authorities face similar problems over the European Union’s refusal to blacklist Hezbollah in its entirety.” Moreover, it’s hard to trace ‘donations’ because they only use cash.

AUTHOR: Pesach Benson is a writer, editor and Israel advocate. He is a staff writer for United With Israel.

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