This issue has sections on Biblical Archeology and History. In addition, we focus on an entity that actively works again Israel and misinterprets anything Israel does to make it sound evil. As jobs in the media dry up, the television and particularly newspapers are much more controlled by fewer people, who from their activities are clearly anti-Jewish. The New York Times has gone from covered dislike of Judaism to open animosity, misinterpreting and/or inventing incidents as needed. The Muslim Brotherhood is perhaps the most successful terrorist group acting to destroy Israel and the Western countries. It begets multiple groups engaged in terrorism. On one end of the spectrum, some groups have a virtuous face, apparently seeking only to make the ‘real Islam’ understood by their neighbors. On the other end, some are openly terrorist towards Israel and the West. We can only present a few cases. The media doesn’t give Islam, particularly stealth jihad, the publicity its activities warrant. We suggest you subscribe to Jihad Watcj and receive a more realistic account of jihadi activities.

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