by Adam Eliyahu Berkowitz | August 12, 2019

Adam Berkowitz writes that they have discovered an earring in Jerusalem on Mount Zion, which is evidence of the Babylonian conquest of the city in 586 BCE. Dr. Rafi Lewis, co-director of the project said that “this find is quite literally priceless. We can establish the context as the destruction of the First Temple without any doubt. We have made similar finds outside of the city but this is the first time we made such finds inside the city.”

Dr. Lewis noted that in the field of archaeology, the Bible and science could coexist. “The Bible is certainly one of our sources,” Dr. Lewis said. “You have to treat it respectfully. It represents something spiritual and was not written as a history book. It was written as a religious book but there is a historical base and root. But we cannot reject the Bible when studying archaeology. I would not rely on the Bible exclusively just like I would not rely on any other source exclusively. We need as many sources as possible and the Bible can be one of them.”

AUTHOR: Adam Eliyahu Berkowitz is an ordained rabbi and a featured writer at Breaking Israel News, where he writes, edits and posts articles in a variety of subjects.

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