HA’ARETZ IS AN ENEMY OF THE JEWISH PEOPLE by Victor Rosenthal, July 4, 2021

We’ve become accustomed to Israel being smeared and lambasted by foreign newspapers, but it comes as a shocker that Ha’aretz, a newspaper published in Israel, is as vile as they come. It plays the same role for foreign papers that citing a viciously anti-Jewish remark made by a (Jew-hating) Jew does. News media outside Israel need only quote Ha’aretz. Surely, Ha’aretz wouldn’t lie and distort information about its own country. Yah, right. As Victor Rosenthal writes, “Every day its writers present a slanted version of events in which Israel and Israelis are oppressors, occupiers, murderers, racists, thieves, and liars.” He carefully examines a situation that lays bare Ha’aretz’s distortions and straight-out lies.

AUTHOR: Victor Rosenthal is a writer whose subject matter is Israel, its friends and enemies. He writes much about Jew hate and the disastrous deals such as the Oslo Accords into which the desire for peace has led Israel.

This article was published by the Abu Yehuda Blog and was reposted July 4, 2021 by the Jewish Press.

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