by Raheel Raza, May 12, 2021

Perhaps the degree to which the media are committed to condemning and distorting whatever Israel does is best shown when the Muslims are clearly in the wrong. In this particular instant, Muslim listeners to a hate-filled sermon in the mosque on the Temple Mount became a frenzied mob that attacked the Israel police with rocks and fireworks, which just happened to be stockpiled there. Raheel Raza writes about “Israel getting the raw end of the deal and with little or no context. The news stories portray a victimized Muslim/Palestinian community during the last important days of Ramadan (the holiest month of the Islamic calendar) being attacked indiscriminately by wicked Israelis. As a result, all over the Muslim world, Muslims are in a hysterical frenzy posting on media, social media, writing, and exposing the evil, ” The success of the media can be shown even in the comments to Raza’s article; almost all believe Israel routinely oppresses the Palestinians.

AUTHOR Raheel Raza is a Pakistani-Canadian journalist and author. She is known for her condemnation of Islamic terrorism and the ugly nature of what is known as Islamic extremism.

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