MEDIA BIAS: WHY THE UNINFORMED HATE ISRAEL. by Amer Tal, Abeer Salman and Mike Schwartz, December 12, 2021 PIX: ~/active/jan2021/hamas.header.jpg

This article focuses on how Israel is maligned by misleading headlines, but it is just as true that headlines can be a powerful weapon anywhere. As Amer Tal, Abeer Salman and Mike Schartz point out, “Headlines matter because they frame the way we relate to a story before we even read it. And if you scroll through your social media feed, all you know about the incidents that you don’t click on are whatever the headlines say. They make their point by presenting some headlines that twisted Arab “shooting and stabbing attacks, as well as the response of Israeli security forces.” As example, an Associated Press headline read “Palestinian teen fatally shot after stabbing” [ here.] Clearly, those that wrote the headlines didn’t just happen to put the consequences before the instigation or make the answer to ‘who did the stabbing’ ambiguous. To be truthful, the headline should read: “Palestinian Arab terrorist stabbed Jerusalem border police and was shot before he could harm others. Some hitting-the-bulls-eye examples are within a video entitled: AUTHORS: Amir Tal writes for CNN and some US newspapers. Abeer Salman is a reporter and a producer for CNN. She writes free lance for many papers.

Mike Schwartz writes for CNN Jerusalem.

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