In the section we examine the growing unreliability of the newspaper and TV media. Instead of reporting events, the media have become yet another source or biased views, sinking so low that often it doesn’t just narrate the news weighted towards a particular point of view, it creates the news it wants promulgated from whole cloth. Attribution of pictures has also become more reckless. Some magazines, journals and social media sites that consider themselves above the fray nevertheless produce anti-Israel garbage worthy of the New York Times. Perhaps the worst result of information distortions by the global media is the impact they have on Israeli administrators and politicians. A particularly pernicious example is how Israel has reacted to the false accusations that Israel treats Palestinian Arabs inexcusably harshly. In fact, Israel takes extraordinary actions to minimize harm to its enemy, which continues to do as much damage as it can to Israelis. It warns the Arabs it will be blowing up a building fortified by terrorists. It avoids damaging buildings stockpiled with weapons where the Arabs have installed human shields, often young Arab children. It punishes soldiers who shoot terrorists prematurely, where prematurely is determined post hoc. To put it bluntly, Jews die unnecessarily because Israeli administrators, focused on avoiding criticism in the media, make rules that put Jews at risk. It would appear that these administrators have forgotten the lesson of Genesis 22 where Abraham binds Isaac, the Akedah, preparatory to killing him. Abraham is then forbidden by God to kill his son. The lesson is clear: Jews are explicitly forbidden to kill their children, a standard practice for various reasons including sacrificial rites in most cultures. The extended meaning is: no more human sacrifice of the Jewish people. Israelis would be better off if, instead of weakening their security, they attacked the other side, physically and verbally; if they went for the jugular. They should be highlighting barbaric Arab behavior. As it stands, they weaken their security by softening their responses. An appalling example was in Jenin and again in Gaza, where Jewish soldiers died because they were forced to enter houses that were of course booby-trapped rather than shooting up the houses and their inhabitants from the outside. We have reached the point where the media have gone insane, declaring the death of a single child by the Israelis is totally unacceptable, while ignoring that the Syrians and Iranians routinely kill thousands of their own and other people