‘MISSING CONTEXT’ IS A ‘FACT-CHECKING’ CATCH-ALL by Andrew Culper, January 25, 2021

Fact checkers often disqualify an article because they claim context is missing. As Andrew Culper points out, “‘missing context’ isn’t about truth or clarity at all. It’s a catch-all tactic that ‘fact-checkers’ can use whenever it suits them, particularly when content they disagree with doesn’t tell their story. It’s an intellectually dishonest practice conducted in bad faith.” He asks rhetorically, “Can a George Washington quote be flagged because it doesn’t tell America’s story through the eyes of the King of England? Should we only quote politicians when we can cite ‘context’ in the footnotes (imagine a meme with footnotes)? Who gave the ‘fact-checkers’ the right to be the universal interpreters of context in the first place?” AUTHOR: Andrew Culper Right Analysis: Andrew Culper writes for The Patriot Post, weekday digest of news analysis, policy and opinion.

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