by Akiva Van Koningsveld, October 6, 2021

Akiva Van Koningsveld discusses how Arab identity is defined by themselves and the foreign press. He writes, “Keeping in line with the theory of intersectionality, sociologists over the last decades have increasingly stressed the value of the self-definition of identity as a tool of empowerment. Contributors to newspapers, like The New York Times, have argued that it is crucial for minorities to “negotiate racial identities that reflect our heritage, culture, and experience, which includes how others perceive us. Why, then, when it comes to Arabs in Israel are international news outlets seemingly intent on defining their identity for them?” The rest of his article contains some facts and history about Israel’s population. It is very unlike what the NYT and the Muslims in the US Congress would like you to believe. But then again, if ignorance of the facts, thanks to NYT and others, were not wide-spread, Arabs such as Mahmoud Abbas couldn’t get away with pretending the ‘Palestinian” Arabs go back to the ancient Canaanites.

AUTHOR: Akiva Van Koningsveld left The Netherlands for Israel in the fall of 2020. Before joining the Honest Reporting team, he worked as a policy officer at the Center for Information and Documentation Israel, a Dutch organization dedicated to combating antisemitism and spreading awareness of the Arab-Israel conflict. He graduated from Utrecht University with a law degree, focusing on the intersection of human rights and civil liability.

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