by Howard Rotberg, October 04, 2021

Question: how does the AP describe an Israeli counter-terrorism operation? Answer: “Israeli troops kill Five Palestinians in West Bank gun battles.” What makes the AP reporting so pernicious is that AP “supplies international news to western news media who can’t afford their own international bureaus … The AP News Agency has approximately 15,000 media customers that in turn shares its reports to half of the world population every day…” Howard Rotberg writes, “There is no other country that AP subjects to such obvious journalistic lies, so we can consider AP to be an antisemitic organization.” AP’s word war on Israel isn’t new. “Way back on September 30, 2000, the Associated Press published a photo of a bloodied youth standing near an Israeli border policeman. As the pro-Israel media watch-dog Honest Reporting put it: ‘The caption identified the victim as a Palestinian, although the truth quickly surfaced: The person in question was actually Tuvia Grossman, a Jewish student from Chicago. The Israeli security officer was trying to protect him after he and two friends were pulled from their taxi by a mob in an Arab neighborhood of Jerusalem and severely beaten and stabbed.’ AP even has its own vocabulary. Savvy readers have learned that ‘Arab militants’ are actually ‘barbaric terrorists,’ and ‘protests’ is AP’s way of labeling Arab ‘violent riots’. What is still a mystery is why is AP targeting Israel? Do they have a particular reason for always slamming Israel? Is a particular person hung on Israel running this show? Is it a particular group with ingrained hatred? Or is the Associated Press leadership a bunch of run-of-the-mill anti-semites, who stand out only because they are big enough to do lots of damage?

AUTHOR: Howard Rotberg, a retired lawyer, is the “the author of four books concerning ideologies, political culture and values.”

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