By Naftali Balanson, June 30, 2021

This is the Executive Summary of Naftali Balanson’s article: “The New York Times continues to present anti-Israel propaganda as news. In the latest example, the paper published a 15-minute video alleging Israeli war crimes during the May conflict in Gaza. The sources called upon by the Times to back up these claims are exclusively members of NGOs [Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch (HRW)] known for their hostility to Israel. Not a single genuine expert on either the specifics of the incident in question or international law was used as a source in the Times‘s highly misleading and biased report.” The facts are simple enough. Israel counter-attacked Gaza, and, as we’d expect, all their bombs precisely hit their intended targets and no other buildings or streets. No one disputes this, not even the NYT, although they carried a video, which smudges the issue. While the Israelis were bombing a portion of a vacant street that housed a tunnel and command center under it, nearby (I’m guessing they were nearby) apartment buildings in this upscale neighborhood in Gaza collapsed. Actually, only one, the Abul Ouf Building, is identified by name and 22 people were killed in its fluke collapse. Israel did not target or strike this apartment house. It is assumed that the foundations of the collapsed building were unexpectedly dislodged when the bombs exploded in the nearby tunnels. Altogether, three buildings are said to have collapsed, but it doesn’t appear the other two collapsed unexpectedly; in fact, it appears they were targeted because they sat on stores of weaponry, Nevertheless, the three buildings are lumped together as ‘collapsing.’ Whatever the cause, Hamas was not blamed for running tunnels under civilian housing, hospitals and schools. Israel was not praised for making sure the area over the Hamas command center was vacated. Instead, Israel was blamed for not warning the civilians in the buildings that unexpectedly collapsed. In high dudgeon, the NYT and its NGO ‘experts’ insisted Israel had committed war crimes. Compare this show of indignation to their lack of complaints when the Arab leadership deliberately puts Arab children (not their own, of course) in hospitals and schools that are loaded with weapons, knowing the Jews will be condemned were they to bomb the place or, more likely, they won’t bomb a place that contains children. And the Arabs will get to use the weaponry.

AUTHOR: Naftali Balanson is Chief of Staff at NGO Monitor. He oversees all of NGO Monitor’s publications and helps develop strategic goals and objectives. His articles and op-eds have appeared in many publications including the Jerusalem Post, the Forward, The Jewish Chronicle, and Ynet.

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