by Gilead Ini, October 27, 2021

Gilead Ini writes of a New York Time (NYT) reporter who queried Israelis on how happy they were living in Israel. Almost all of them were unhappy. Given that Israel is ranked in the top 10% on the World Happiness Report, the Times being able to find only unhappy Israelis suggests it ignored most Israelis. It was looking for people that represented the cartoonish point of view of the NYT attitude toward Israel. I wonder how many interviewees Patrick Kingsley, Jerusalem bureau chief for NYT, had to reject before he found the disgruntled Israelis he mostly cites in his article. One of the pleasures of reading Ini’s article is his compilation of the words Kingsley chose to describe Israel. When it is impossible to omit a good feature such as coexistence, Kingsley is quick to label it a “deception”. The NYT has decided oppositional facts can not be allowed to interfere with the view of Israel it feeds its shrinking number of readers. NYT writers have other restrictions: only the Palestinian Arabs have a history in the land worth writing about, never mind that the 95% of the Arabs came into the Holy Land in the twentieth century. They came for economic reasons. They had no history of attachment to the land. In fact, the Palestinian Arabs in Israel only became a people in 1964, when Arafat decreed that the Arabs living in Israel were Palestinian but Arabs living in Samaria and Judea (aka the West Bank) were not. The Arabs living under the 1948 Jordanian conquest of Samaria and Judea became part of the Palestinian people when the Jews won back their land from Jordan in 1967. Archaeology and the Bible indicate the Jews have a long long connection with their Land. You’d never know this if your only source of information was the NYT and its fellow propagandists.

AUTHOR Gilead Ini is a Senior Research Analyst at CAMERA. His commentary has appeared in numerous publications, including the Jerusalem Post, Christian Science Monitor, Columbia Journalism Review and Commentary, and has been featured on national and international radio programs. He has lectured widely on media coverage of the Arab-Israeli conflict. Ini is co-author of the monograph “Indicting Israel: New York Times Coverage of the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict.”

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