This issue begins with suggesting why an organization such as the Muslim Brotherhood, with its wide range of ways to promote sharia from networking with politically, socially and theologically important groups in the West to starting the terrorists group Hamas in the Middle East, is still not labeled terrorist by the American government. It goes on to look at anti-Jewish activities that American Jews allow with no protest or participate in to some extent. It is most puzzling that just as Resurgent Islam, in league with Far-Left Democratic Party socialists, is again stirring a serious and strong brew of anti-Semitism, American Jews are largely unperturbed. American Jews who promote far-left-socialism, globalism and almost any group but their own, often work for the enlargement of socialist institutions, ignoring or castigating Judaism. Meantime, European Jews are already suffering severely from a large increase of anti-Semitism stemming from the large number of Muslim ‘refugees’ that have been coming to Europe the part few years.

We conclude with a History Section which begins with a description of some current excavations in Jerusalem, in the City of David and moves to other eras. One particularly startling bit of history is how the IDF had to be carefully conditioned to override their concern for all Jews so they could become capable of kicking out the innocent Jews living and working in Gaza, leaving it in the hands of Arab terrorists. It was supposed to bring peace. It brought increased hatred from the Arabs and havoc among the Jews.