by Richard Kemp, May 16, 2021

Richard Kemp writes of how Israel’s desire to minimize injuring Gaza’s civilians has influenced its style of warfare. Even though surprise is an important element is winning a war, Israel spends considerable effort, to the point of endangering its own people, in minimizing Arab civilian deaths during its ongoing war with Hamas, even notifying tenants when it will target a civilian site containing war weaponry. Nevertheless, as Kemp writes, “Over many years of conflict in Gaza, the majority of the world’s media have enthusiastically reported the deaths of Palestinian civilians as though they were the deliberate object of Israel’s callous and uncaring way of war. This blatantly false propaganda has been taken up by Hamas supporters and ‘useful idiots’ in the West…. Human rights groups around the world have been doing the same.” And the UN always condemns Israel. Nevertheless, Israel continues to do what Hamas won’t do for its own people: try to minimize civilian deaths in Gaza. Kemp also describes an IDF operation that “was reminiscent of the biblical Israelite leader Gideon’s famous stratagem against the Midianites. He had his men blow trumpets, light torches and yell battle cries, simulating a much larger force and causing the vastly superior enemy army to flee the field.” Well worth reading.

AUTHOR: Colonel Richard Kemp is a former Commanding Officer of the 1st Battalion, The Royal Anglian Regiment. He later commanded all British forces in Afghanistan and co-authored a book describing his experiences there. He writes often and accurately about Israel, particularly Israel’s army, routinely rebutting ignorant and/or malicious lies about the IDF. An article on him, his observations and his ability to rectify errors recklessly spouted by the media can be found here.

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