by Melanie Phillips, September 13, 2021

Melanie Phillips describes her insightful article this way: “For the West, there are no ‘forever wars.’ Its wars are either won or lost; there are victors and vanquished. For Islamic extremists, war is indeed forever; defeat is only temporary.” She makes the point that “while real prejudice against Muslims is wrong, ‘Islamophobia’ was invented by the holy warriors of the Muslim Brotherhood to silence any adverse comment of Islam. It was a religious obligation to impose a Muslim law of blasphemy. By enlisting against ‘Islamophobia,’ the West has effectively bent its knee to Islam whose very name means submission.” If we are to fight Islam’s ambition to conquer all countries and vanquish all competing religions, we must start by describing the problem properly. Jihadi fundamentalism isn’t a perversion or outlier of Islam. It is intrinsic to Islam. And thanks to organizations like the Muslim Brotherhood, adherents don’t just argue theology. They actively undermine the political, judicial and educational systems of host countries. From their own documents, we have learned that their objective is to eliminate and destroy Western civilization from within.

AUTHOR: Melanie Phillips is a British journalist, broadcaster and author. Currently a columnist for “The Times of London,” her personal and political memoir, “Guardian Angel,” has been published by Bombardier, which also published her first novel, “The Legacy.” Her website is at

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