WHAT’S REALLY GOING ON IN GAZA? posted by Michael Savage, May 16, 2021 and written by his friend

This is a letter written to Michael Savage by a friend who stated he was tired of hearing all the misinformation about the pitiful Gazans because there is an almost complete disparity between Gazan complaints and actuality. Gazan Arabs claim “Israel kept the vaccine from their population, that Israel starved and killed children, that Israel is a colonizer, apartheid nation …Poor Gaza. With no food, no fuel, no power, no vaccines.” Doesn’t the media notice they have more than enough money “to buy and launch 700 missiles [a day] with thousands more stockpiled for tomorrow, or the next day. (Each one is $45,000 USD so today’s war cost is $31,500,000 USD) ” Similarly, “Poor Gaza, who won’t feed their children with the trucks of aid paid for and delivered by the State of Israel and her citizens, that arrive every freaking day, while claiming to the world she is starving.” This is a true statement – not a typo – Israel is nutty enough to continue sending trucks of food daily, despite receiving back missiles targeting civilians. Gazans who deliberately target Jewish children walking to school and who deliberately place their own children in places they have stockpiled with weaponry have the chutzpah to moan that Israel is targeting Gazan children. Poor Gazans, indeed!

AUTHOR: unknown. He is a friend of Michael Savage, who posted his letter. Michael Savage was featured in a video in July 2014, talking about Israel and Gaza.

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